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Anybody have first hand experience with ISANGO services

I'll be visiting several cities this spring, and Isango seems to have the best prices on a number of tours and Hop on Hop off buses. Reviews seem to be mixed - some are glowing others not so much.
Does anyone have first hand experience with the firm?
Thanks for the feedback!

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Never heard of it. Many use VIATOR worldwide. I prefer to book directly with companies, eliminating middle men.

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In all my over 40 years of travel never heard of them.

I've also never done a Hop On Hop Off bus preferring to explore on foot, bus, tram, train, metro, bike, Underground.

The one time I used a consolidator was with Viator. It was in Florence and it was great. It was off season. Got to see the Last Supper solo. Just me and the museum guard. Fabulous travel memory.

As my Mama used to say go cheap you get cheap.

And I say, it's my vacation, my money and I can't take it with me to the here after so I'm spending it NOW,

Happy travels.

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We tried using them in London last year because I'd hurt my foot and I thought it would be fun to give it a go since my walking was then limited.

I had multiple issues with them requiring numerous conversations regarding where to catch busses, how to find the correct stop for their busses despite the originally provided information. I did not have a good experience with them, and I would not recommend using them.