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Albertson's data hacked -cards cloned

Not sure where to put this, as it is off-topic a bit.
But I wanted to share some info regarding the massive hack fo ALbertson's credit card data base announced last weekend.
So far, Albertson's has taken the public stand of they have no knowledge of any harm done.
We beg to differ!
On Tuesday, Wells Fargo security contacted us. 10 uses of our card in 4 merchants in Hyattsville, Maryland (we live outside Philadelphia and have not been through there in years) on Monday at 4 locations, they blocked card on the last two. Now I can't 100% assert this came because of the Albertson's breach, but:
All of the cards on this account are physically accounted for. This card was opened end of March solely because of a 5% cashback on gas and grocery stores for 6 months, and that is the only places this card is used. Never used by any of us online, and never out of possession. And - we have for many years a weekly shopping trip at Acme Markets, which since end of March has used this card only.
Seems to me that by mid-August this card was cloned and sold to someone, certainly now discarded since it is no good.

So I am just throwing this out to the community here that IF any of you use any of the various stores in the Albertson's family (you can look the list up online) and use a credit card to pay, make sure you start following your account closely, as this could easily also happen to you.

Makes me wonder, though, if this card was sold by one of the purveyors of credit cards who keep trying to advertise here.

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Same for Home Depot and earlier Target. Biggest hassle is getting new card numbers. No money is ever lost by the card holder.