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Una National Park and Bihac

As part of a larger trip, my partner and I will be spending a few days near Plitvice in Croatia this coming August. We spent several days in Sarajevo (and visited Srebenica, and Mostar) last year and we'd love to do a quick detour into Bosnia on this trip to see Una National Park and possibly Bihac. I've done some reading on the park website (as well as Trip Advisor) and found that there are several entrances with many kilometer spans in between them. Does anyone have any personal experience going to Una National Park, especially on a day trip? Pros and cons of the entrance you used?

The tentative plan is to have lunch in Bihac and then spend a few hours at the park before heading back to Croatia. That being said, if anyone has any great food recommendations for either in/near the park or in Bihac, I would also appreciate it. Thanks!

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I visited NP Una last year. Here is the film i made then:
Yes there are several entrances. There is a road that goes through the park, but not very good at least from Martin Brod to Kulen vakuf. I approached from south, Martin Brod. There are several nice waterfalls there and nature is fantastic. Road from Martin Brod to Kulen vakuf is a dirt road (no asphalt). From Kulen Vakuf it is better. The most beautifull waterfall is Strbacki Buk. I went there from the mentioned asphalt road (where I parked the car) from place Ćukovi (entrance 2) by foot through the mountain. 1-2 hours of walk but only if you are in good shape. By car it is best to go to Strbacki buk from entrance 3-Celije. it starts from mentioned road at place called Orašac. Orašac-Strbacki buk is aprox 8 km of dirt road (again). No easy access unfortunately. I had my lunch at a place called Lohovo in a restaurant in "Eco selo (village Natura Art- I had veal-excellent). The access point to Lohovo (northern tip of NP Una) is from Ripač on a main road Bihać-B Petrovac. Generaly food is better than in Plitvice which i found a bit touristy (although nature is amazing) and overcrowded.

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Thank you so much for your reply—that is all really helpful, and you video is beautiful!