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Traveling in Bosnia and Herzigovina

I have been to BiH four times in the last 6 years. Sarajevo and Mostar are wonderful cities to visit. Sarajevo is a very historic city with a great vibe, super nice people and great food. It offers a nice European experience for a low cost. My only caution is the taxis outside the airport. They are a total rip off and will charge about 5 times the rate of a regular taxi for your trip back to the airport. Have your hotel, ABB host,etc arrange a pickup for you.

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I really agree, johnseattle! I spent only a few days in Mostar and Sarajevo last year and loved the kindness of the people, the architecture, the food, the beautiful landscapes, and so much more. I learned so much about history, and the struggle of the people to live in a very culturally diverse land... I hope to return soon!

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Yeah, but that was one nice taxi. It was brand spanking new Mercedes. I'm sure I got ripped off but I was surprised how nice the taxis were for a relatively poor country. I still have some left over marks, I would be glad to visit Bosnia again and see some other towns I've never been to.