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Travel during Ramadan 2020 through Bosnia-Herzegovina

Can anyone with knowledge of this country tell me if there may be problems with the availability of services to travel asa visitor during the coming Ramadan (23 April to 24 May, 2020).

I ask because I've read in some tour guides that in Morocco for example, there is often a reduction in bus services, many restaurants are closed during the day, it is more difficult to arrange tours, etc.

Having thought about visiting Bosnia-Herzegovina this coming May (which included Ramadan), I do not want to book my trip and later on encounter problems to travel around.

Thank you for your attention.

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I was in Sarajevo during Ramadan and did not experience any issues.

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There is no reduction of services in Bosnia during Ramadan. Bosnian Muslims (or at least those who are religious among them) don't eat or drink during the day (until evening) so some restaurants are not so crowded but none of them are closed. Public transport works as usual.