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The latest best info on viewing the Sarajevo Haggadah

Here's the scoop as of June 2018. This information is straight from a Bosnian website accessed by the desk concierge at the Old Town Hotel in Sarajevo AND was reconfirmed by a phone conversation that he had with someone at the National Museum where the Haggadah is housed. The hotel concierge spoke with the museum as I was standing at the hotel desk.
The Haggadah is on public display ONLY on Tuesdays and Thursday from noon - 1:00 pm, and the first Saturday of every month, noon - 1:00 pm. Private showings can be prearranged at the following cost: $15 euros per person IF there are at least five people. If there are fewer than 5 people, it is a flat rate of 120 euros (maybe it was 150; I'm having trouble reading my own writing). Yes, I know that that doesn't make sense, and the hotel concierge was surprised and asked the museum person to repeat that. Hotel guy agreed that that is rather crazy, but the museum person was emphatic that that's the cost for private viewings. So if there are only four viewers, they will pay a whole lot more per person and as a group than if there are five. Anyway, that's the latest and best information. (Of course, I arrived on a Friday and left on a Sunday, so I missed it.... )

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They are charging 15 euros? Museum entrance itself is like 2.5 euros I think.... They got greedy!
Well at least sitting in the garden in the middle, near tombstones is still free ;-)