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Splitting a transfer between Dubrovnik and Mostar

Hi all!
I'm planning to spend some time in the Balkans in late May/early June, and in reading RS's guide started wondering if it would make more sense to hire a driver (Ermin being Rick's recommendation) to move between Mostar and Dubrovnik or vice versa, stopping at the recommended sights along the way. But since I'm solo traveling, I wonder if there are any good places to cast about to see if other people making plans would be able or willing to coordinate on splitting the cost, as it looks to be a set price per transfer up to 6 people. Obviously this board is one such place... any others I should be aware of?

Thanks as always for any advice you can offer!


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In 2011, I took a regular bus with a friend between the two cities (I would do it solo as well). The cost was negligible. Obviously a hired driver would cost more but could be worthwhile if you want to stop elsewhere. But for a simple transfer between the two cities, a bus will do.