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self driving from Dubrovnik-Mostar-Krka- Plitvice Lakes

This August we are planning to visit Mostar from Dubrovnik, stay the night in Mostar and then continue on to Plitvice Lakes.
We are a family of 6 and so renting a car and driving ourselves seems more economical and sure.

We would like to leave Dubrovnik mid to late morning. I have read that there are 3 border crossings. Should I expect long waits at each of these border crossing? Is it better to leave a Dubrovnik at a certain time of day to avoid the delays?

I've read tour companies only spend 3 hours in Mostar. What other sights do you recommend for us if we have all day/evening?

We'd like to leave Mostar early in the morning to head to Plitvice Lakes. I figured we'd stop in Sibenik on our way for lunch. Would
it be doable to visit Krka falls on our way to Plitvice Lakes?

Is there a route or a particular border crossing you recommend?
Does this plan make seem advisable?

Thank you for your help!

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Yes there are 3 border crossing there. First 2 are at Neum where you enter Bosnia drive along the 12 kilometers of Bosnian coast and then enter Croatia again. Usually there are no long waits there especially in the morning. The third crossing is at Metkovic. Sometimes during the summer waits could be longer 1-2 hours especially on Sunday afternoons when tourists from Bosnia who spent weekends in Croatia are coming back. There is an alternative way Dubrovnik Mostar with only one border crossing, through Trebinje but it is not along the seaside. On the way to Mostar it is interesting to visit Kravica waterfalls near Čapljina, but it could be little less spectacular in August. You should know that Mostar is hot in August (up to 40 degrees C). Yes Krka is doable on the way back. If you take the highway (entrance near Ljubuški) you are in Sibenik in less then 2 hours. However you will miss beautifull Adriatic coast and Makarska riviera which I recommend (crossing Metković). You can also get to Plitvice from Mostar through Livno-Bihac (very quiet road almost no traffic) but again you willl miss Adriatic coast). In Plitvice try to start early in the morning beacuse it is crowded in August.

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Thank you for the response. My husband and I are also traveling from Dubrovnik to Mostar to Sibenik via rental car. My question is in regards to road conditions and general safety of my route. I really wanted us to see Pocitelj, Blagaj, Kravice on the way so I'm trying to plan the most efficient route.This is the way I'm planning to get to Mostar. Is this a safe route?
1) Dubrovnik - Neum (border cross)
2) Take M17.3 highway - R426 (around Park Prirode Hutovo Blato) - E73 highway - Stop at Pocitelj for lunch - Blabaj - Mostar.

We would stay the night in Mostar and leave for Sibenik in the morning. This would be our opportunity to stop at Kravica waterfalls. I was thinking or driving the below route.
1) Mostar - R425 - M6 highway - Kravica (hang out for an hour or so) - M6 highway - R422 (border cross) - 62 - 512 - Makarska - Split - Sibenik.

My question is are we missing anything on the route?
But first and foremost, Is the route safe? Should we worry about any land mines? What about the border agents? We are getting the extra car insurance and I speak Slovak and English in case I need to explain our plan to them. My husband is really weary of entering Bosnia, but I feel he's being overprotective and will end up loving the experience.

Thanks for any help in advance!

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Thanks so much for your detailed explanation Dough. It's so greatly appreciated! It gives me better insight into what to do/expect when in Croatia. By any chance did you go to Bosnia? My question was more geared towards driving in Bosnia. Also, just to clarify, all insurance/green cards for the rental car should be bought at the car rental place in Croatia (not the United States). Thanks again!