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Our trip in April/May is settled except for a decision on how much time to spend in these two places.

We will be driving from Kotor to Saravejo for a 2 night stay and then to Mostar for one night before heading to Split. My thinking was to take the longer drive from Kotor to Saravejo first and then an overnight in Mostar to break up the drive to Split. I do have this niggling thought that we should just do a stopover in Mostar on the way in or out of Saravejo in order to get 3 nights in Saravejo instead of two. I have been back and forth several times and figured those with experience of both might be able to shed some light on this decision.

It might help to know our driving plan: Day trips are planned from base cities.
Dubrovnik 3 nights
Kotor 3 nights
Saravejo/Mostar 3 nights between them
Split 3 nights
Plitvice 1 night
Ljublyana 4 nights
Rovinj 4 nights
Zagreb 2 nights
Bus to Budapest for 5 nights
Flight to London for 1 night before a stopover in Iceland for 4 nights before flying home.

Thank you.

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I would give substantially more time to the city of Sarajevo at the expense of tiny & extremely compact Dubrovnik and Kotor (Sarajevo vs Dubrovnik and Kotor are like apples and oranges. Sarajevo is much, much larger and has more attractions to see that are more spread out). Spend a night in Mostar so you have at least a day or day and half there, but seriously consider 3 full days in Sarajevo (otherwise, it just doesn't seem like you've given it enough time given the trek all the way out there). Sarajevo is a wonderful place and three days will give you enough time to see the sights at a leisurely pace.

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I vote with Agnes. I would definitely take a night from Kotor, Ljubljana, or Rovinj, and add it to Sarajevo. Also I found Mostar in the evening and in the morning much more peaceful and lovely than it was at mid-day with throngs of daytrippers in the street. Thus, I very much support the idea of staying overnight in Mostar, rather than treat it as a drive-by. It's really worth it!