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Sarajevo Safe in May 2017?

I hear mixed things about Bosnia and Sarajevo. Do you think it would be safe for a single American to visit in May? Are stray dogs a problem in the city?

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Yes, Sarajevo is a nice's not a backwater by any means. I wouldn't worry about safety (typical precautions apply). Baščaršija (old Turkish Quarter) was a great place to stay and walk around in, including at night. I didn't see many stray dogs except a few in some residential neighborhoods. They were not at all aggressive. I remember seeing more cats.

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Sarajevo is wonderful and completely safe. There are stray dogs, but shouldn't be an issue.

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Yes, am here now and no problems have seen dogs and heard them at night barking, but that is all. Insider tours have been great. took the free walking tour one day and enjoyed it so took the pay Time of Misfortune one the following day, was very informative and moving. Sarajevsko Pivara ( brewery) has an excellent dark beer and good food. Seref restaurant for traditional Bosnian food in main tourist area. Easy to take bus to Mostar and very very beautiful scenery on the trip with mountains and the river.

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Bosnia is a terrific country to visit and Sarajevo is a wonderful city. Since Rick doesn't cover it, we used Lonely Planet and had an absolutely fabulous three days in Sarajevo (10 days in Bosnia - so much to see and do with few crowds, low prices).

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Thanks for all input. I do have Rick's Bosnia/Croatia book and it is very helpful.

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Greg, we traveled through Bosnia last year and felt completely safe in large towns and very remote villages where almost no English was spoken. In fact one villager spent almost an hour helping us find the small airbnb we were looking for.
You won't regret the visit.