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Rental Car Insurance in Bosnia

Hi. We'll be driving a rental car from Italy to Dubrovnik, through Bosnia and Herzegovina. We've read that insurance is required, border guards will make you buy it if you don't have it, and you cannot purchase it at the Neum border crossing (e.g. from Split to Dubrovnik). Can anyone confirm if this is necessary, and how recent is your experience?

Our rental company excludes Bosnia on the insurance :-(. We are trying to avoid having to rent a second car in Croatia to cross Bosnia. Also, we have already paid for 1 night accommodation in Mostar.


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I've never rented a car in Italy and driven it to Bosnia. I have rented cars in Croatia and driven into Bosnia without issue. My Croatian cars have always been covered (sometimes at extra cost) for border crossings - they include the insurance card you need. No one has even asked for my insurance card when crossing at Neum (I suppose it could happen), though I had had it inspected at other border crossings into Bosnia and Montenegro.

I'm not sure what your itinerary is, but I'd recommend you change it to get from Italy to Croatia by public transportation or private transfer and rent the car in Croatia. It will probably save you some hassle and a lot of money, even if it is less convenient in other ways.

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Providing you are prepared to skip Mostar you can get from Split to Dubrovnik by using the ferry from Ploce to Trpanj on the Peljesac peninsula. Taking this route bypasses BiH at Neum. The ferry runs about six times a day and is operated by Jadrolinija - prices and times on their website.

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Thanks for the replies. We just completed this trip. We did rent a second car from Nova at Split Airport via AutoEurope. $49 USD for 3 days plus 56€ for extra countries. There was free parking at the rental location parking lot (for our Italian car). The car was under lights and there have had no reported issues. Of course, you park at your own risk. This is subject to change, as the airport is under construction. Call Nova locally to ask first. This was a positive experience and I would recommend them. We were asked for "car documents" several times when crossing borders into Bosnia and Montenegro. I believe there would have been a issue had we not gotten a car in Croatia with explicit approval for driving in these other countries.