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Overnight in Mostar

It looks like my trip to Croatia will really happen next month, so I am beginning to narrow my focus a bit. I will pick up a rental car in the morning as I leave Dubrovnik and currently plan to head to Mostar for one overnight. When I read other plans for B & H, it feels almost obscene to have only one night, but this time it was one night or nothing.

I will have to set priorities, and that is where I welcome input. It looks like about a 3 hour drive, plus border crossing (which can vary). On the way to Mostar is Pocitelj and Blagaj Tek. If I have to choose, what do you recommend? Or is it consensus I might have time for both? Also just because I like horses, I also saw a place in Čapljina for a short trail ride….. anyone?

I would like to have the evening to wander Mostar, plus the next morning for any touring or entrances.

The next day I will be driving to Trogir (leaving Mostar in the early afternoon?), which looks like @ 3 hrs plus crossing. I hope to stop at Kravice Falls this day.

Thoughts? Warnings? Suggestions? Sunset will be a little after 7:00 and I need to be firmly in place in Trogir by then.

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It's been a few years, but I drove from Mostar to Trogir with a stop at Pocitelj, which I thought was just beautiful and worth an hour or so to explore. I didn't stop at Blagaj or Kravice Falls, so I can't comment.

At some point, I don't remember where, I detoured off the main road in Croatia and drove along the coast. The views were spectacular.

If you leave Mostar early afternoon, there's no reason you won't have plenty of time to do a few stops and still make it to Trogir well before dark.

I also spent only one night in Mostar, and I think that is plenty. If you haven't booked lodging yet, I highly recommend Muslibegovich House (

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I highly recommend Muslibegovich House

Me too! That place was amazing/ beautiful, and it doubles as a museum.

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I was in Mostar for a couple of nights three years ago and loved it. I included a very long paragraph about my experience in Mostar in my trip report. Here is the link: Scroll down to "Part 4: Mostar, Bosnia" in which I describe my stay. I was very happy with my stay at the Panzion Villa Cardak, right in the center of town. You will need to communicate with the host (I hope that it is still Suzanna) about where to park. Near Mostar, if you have to choose between Pocitelj and Blagaj Tek, I would strongly recommend Blagaj. It is magical! I also suggest that since you will really only have part of one afternoon and an evening to be in Mostar that you skip Pocitelj and spend the time in Mostar. I wasn't quite enchanted with Pocitelj; it was pretty empty of people and shops/cafes/etc. when I was there; I mostly spent my time climbing up and down a couple of stone streets. You'll find more of interest and beauty, I think, in Mostar. See Part 5 of my trip report for brief descriptions of both places.

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I definitely think Mostar merits an overnight stay. We were there in 2018 on the RS Adriatic Tour. We did a tour of Stolac & Mostar with local guides who were children during the war. It was truly a life altering experience for us. In Mostar we went to a Serbian Orthodox Monastery. We loved the stop at the Buna River in the village of Blagnj. Well worth the stop.! Our hotel in Mostar was Hotel Almira. Our room had a view of the area and was magical at night. We enjoyed a delicious traditional Bosnian meal at Šadrvan. It was in walking distance of the bazaar & our hotel. I believe the hotel provides parking.

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Thanks, everyone. I feel better about just having the time I do have.

Lane & Agnes, I looked up Muslibegovic House and have sent an email asking about dates. It looks just like the sort of place I love. I do have a reservation (that I can cancel) in a place that would be fine but not as interesting. I may look at how long it will take to drive Mostar to Trogir via Makarska after I see my times - I think that is supposed to be an absolutely beautiful area along the coast.

jmaildinuu, I have gone back and reread much of your report - some of our locations will overlap. :) This trip was not in my plans when I read it the first time.

Janis, Stolac was not on my radar, but I will now take a look!