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One Day Trip from Dubrovnik(Croatia) to Mostar (Bosnia-Herzegovina) and back


I am planning Mostar if possible in my itinerary. My Schengen Tourist VISA (Multiple Entries) is valid for only 20 days and if I intend to visit Mostar, there would be around 10 days remaining for VISA expiry (and around 7 days remaining for return flight out of EU)

I called the Embassy here in India (New Delhi) and also mailed them with some reminders. Still to get a reply as they told that they will need some time to confirm as my VISA is of short duration.

Is it possible to do the trip? If yes, do you suggest some decent not-so-expensive tours?

Thanks in advance!
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I can't speak to your Visa issue, but Bosnia and neighboring countries (Croatia, Montenegro, Serbia) are not a part of the Schengen Area. So you will probably need to consider any Visas for these countries on a case by case basis.

if you are able to go to Bosnia, you have several options for a day trip. If you will be in Croatia, there are multiple companies offering various day trips to Mostar. It is most easily reachable from Dubrovnik. I was just there last week and used this excursion during my stay in Dubrovnik: I was pretty happy with the tour overall, especially with Mostar and the brief stop at Pocitelj. This tour also included a stop at Medjugorje which I didn't care for -- I would have preferred more time in Mostar. I've had good success with Viator and there are a some other options for guided day trips from Dubrovnik.