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One day in Mostar. Is it enough

We had a plan to visit Croatia and Bosnia this spring, in May, however due to this coronavirus thing we will have to postpone all for August or later. Original plan was to visit Dubrovnik and then go to Mostar in Bosnia and Herzegovina before continuing along Adriatic sea coast to Split and then Plitvice. How many days should we stay in Mostar? Is one day enough?

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Mostar is a small town with a famous bridge. Once you have seen the famous bridge, it's a small town in Bosnia. Many say that the restaurants are good. There are plenty of gift shops. We spent an afternoon on a trip from Sarajevo to Dubrovnik. One thing not to be missed locally - the stone town of Positelj. If you are touring with a guide, he will take you there.

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I would say at least 1 full day to 1.5 days is good. Definitely try to stay overnight if you can. And try to visit Sarajevo for a few extra days (I would say 3 or so) while in Bosnia, it's worth it.

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In 2014 we spent two nights in Mostar. On our way there we stopped at Pocitelj, which is definitely worth your time. The next day we drove to Medjugorje, a pilgrimage site, but we didn't climb the rocky path to the actual site. Medjugorje is worth your time if you want to visit a religious site. We then went to Blagaj Tekke which is also worth a visit. Between our 1.5 days in Mostar we spent about 3/4 of a day in town. And, yes, there are good restaurants there!

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Well, it all depends on your interests. Mostar is famous for its Old Bridge from 15th century and Old Town. That can be visited in a few hours and in that case one day is enough. There are however a few beautiful places around the town that should not be missed. First on the list is Blagaj, small town 10 km south of Mostar with source of river Buna, one of the strongest underwater river sources in Europe. It is located under almost vertical giant cliff which gives the whole scene surreal beauty. Near Čapljina some 30 km south of Mostar there is Kravica, stunning waterfall almost 100 m wide and 30 m high. Since Čapljina is on the road from Dubrovnik to Mostar I guess it can can be squeezed in than one day.There is so much nature around Mostar but visiting can be a problem without a car (although taxi is rather cheap). So if you are a nature lover I would recommend at least 2 days and if you want to visit Sarajevo as a day trip maybe even 3. Most of beautiful places in and around Mostar are in the film below.

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Mostar was one of our favorite stops on our RS Adriatic Tour in 2018. We were there 1.5 days. We had two local guided tours that were very emotional and informative at the same time. Both guides were children during the war and to hear their survival stories was something we will never forget. We had a wonderful dinner near our hotel and enjoyed the culture walking through the town. Well worth the stop. Best wishes.

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In addition to everyone's comments above, I'd add an hour or two for the Museum of Herzogovina. It's about a 15 minute walk from Coppersmith Street, through some real-life neighborhoods. The museum is small, but there's a good film and several rooms of interesting displays. We were the only visitors on the day we were there. The Director was so thrilled, he gave us a personal tour. It was one of the best experiences of our trip.

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We stayed overnight arriving late morning and leaving mid-day the next day. We felt it was just right visiting the old town, a mosque, a small museum and of course the bridge, then enjoying a lovely dinner along the river for approx $45 USD for 4 people including dessert and drinks! If you want to do any day trips though, more time is needed.

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I havent been to Mostar. I have been to Sarajevo, Jajce and Travnik and a beautiful little place about halfway between Ključ and Zgon; as well as a few of parks and natural areas in the area of the latter two locations. My brief stay in BiH was among my most memorable trips. But its all about what interests you. Everyone is looking for a backdoor here and a backdoor there; BiH is one of Europe's back doors.

I've also been to Dubrovnik. Beautiful city. But a bit over restored which for me meant it lost its luster after the better part of two days and one night. Still, a stunning city and for me a gateway to another favorite location, and another backdoor to Europe; Montenegro.

But I like the obscure, the unexpected and the unusual, and places not fully comfortable ... and friendly people not burned out on, or overly skilled in, tourism. I would do the trip to Mostar and stay long enough to get to at leas one other place. Trebinje is on my list for the next time I am in the area....

Another reason to spend some time in BiH is that it is still a troubled area. Could become less accessible in the future.

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