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Mostar / Medugorje Theft Question

We would like to drive from Dubrovnik to Mostar & Medugorje and then continue on to Split. I am concerned about parking our rental car in a public lot with visible luggage (small hatchback type car) while we are touring the area. Does anyone know if the parking lots are attended or otherwise secure? I would hate to get back to the car and find a smashed window and our belongings removed or worse yet, the car was stolen. Is this a legitimate concern? Would checking our luggage at a left luggage counter be an option? We normally use public transportation in our travels and therefore have not had to concern ourselves with these things, but Croatia presents more challenges with public transportation and we are therefore considering car rental instead. Any advice would be appreciated.

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I've never been in that area but experience tells me that I would never leave an unattended car with visible luggage. Never, anywhere. It can be the safest area anywhere but all it takes is one opportunist criminal to see the bait and I can see trouble.

I have left my car with luggage in the boot many times but I never put things in the boot after parking - you never know where eyes may be - and never leave anything visible and haven't had trouble.

Most hatchbacks have a privacy screen which covers the hatch area.

If you are talking about leaving luggage on the back seat or on the floor of the passenger compartment because you don't have room in the boot, we need to have another discussion. You should never drive with luggage in the passenger compartment. In the unfortunate event of an accident it will likely become a fatal projectile flying forwards to kill you. Having cleaned up after such events I speak from experience.

If you have more luggage than fits in the boot you either need a bigger car or less luggage, or both.

I hope this doesn't come across as hectoring but I would hate for your other half to have a horrendous experience.

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I agree with Nigel. I do my best to rent a car that looks like it will have a covered hatch (probably economy class but not the smallest Mini class) and to always load and cover before getting to the place where I will leave the car. When you are staying overnight at a hotel, unload the car and bring your gear inside. Try not to bring any valuable items (laptop computer, etc) that you can't carry with you on a day of sightseeing. Theft insurance that the car rental company sells you covers theft of the car but not your possessions from inside. And Rick has always warned against parking anywhere with "twinkly pavement."

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Thank you for your responses. Although we are not regular car renters, I am aware that you should never leave anything exposed to the casual observer and never to display (by accessing them) that you have valuables in your car. It appears that most of the European rental tend to be of the hatchback variety. I assume that the European rental cars will have a pullover screen but don't know for sure, which is why I asked about the possibility of a left luggage counter in Mostar. I am specifically concerned about the car being somehow identified as a rental car and perhaps then being a more likely target for break ins as it would be pretty easy to break a window and pull the screen back to remove something from the hatch. I am also concerned about the possibility of the car being stolen. My impression has been that it is more common in some of the more eastern countries. Perhaps I am wrong, but I thought that if the parking lot had an attendant the likelihood of problems would be reduced.