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Medjugorje from Dubrovnik

I will be in Dubrovnik in late July.
I’ve heard about Medjugorje and would consider visiting

Is it worth visiting?
Are there reputable tour companies that would take me from Dubrovnik to medjugorje ? What are names of some of these companies?

Is it a 1 day trip ?

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Thank you - my experience with
Viatour is that theirs are the Mcdonald’s of tours -have you been to medjugorje - any other personal recommendations, tips?

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Viatour is not the McDonald's of tours, it's the TripAdvisor of tours (e.g., owned by them). The sell a wide variety of tours operated by many various suppliers in various countries. If you like an itinerary you find there, you may be able to Google some similar characteristics to see who actually operates the tour.

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You can do it, but it is long day trip from Dubrovnik. If these things matter, keep in mind the crowds (of which there will be plenty), the heat, and the difficult walk (uneven and rocky) up the hill (wear appropriate shoes). You'll also have the border crossings, which, in July, often involve long waits. We also visited Mostar, and the options are much better and much cheaper.