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How many nights should I spend in Sarajevo? Any additional suggestions on places in Bosnia?

I am traveling to Europe for the month of July. I am flying into Frankfurt and making my way to Sarajevo. I read varying opinions of Sarajevo, but heard there were other places within Bosnia that were very interesting and must sees. My plan was to spend two days in Sarajevo, taking a train in from Belgrade, and will be traveling by train from city to city. I guess my question is where else in Bosnia should I consider and would appreciate any suggestions on how to get to these places as I've read that trains may not get you many places in Bosnia. Any suggestions welcome! This is my first international travel experience so any help would be greatly appreciated!

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From Sarajevo, you could head south to Mostar. Mostar is a gorgeous little town that saw a lot of fighting during the 90s, but it has now been rebuilt, although certain buildings have not been repaired to serve as a reminder of the nature of war. If you intend on also seeing Croatia, you can continue south to Dubrovnik with a stop at Kravice waterfalls on the way, if possible. From Dubrovnik, you could then head up the coast to Split, and then back into Bosnia at Una National Park. If you have time, making a stop at Plitvice National Park in Croatia is well worth it. I'm not familiar with northern Bosnia, so I can't make any recommendations for that part of the country.

As for getting around, it will need to be by bus, especially if you want to go into Croatia or stop at the parks I mentioned.

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Sarajevo was a highlight for me, it has a rich history and architecture and is definitely a "must" if you visit Bosnia - I would say budget 3 full days there and be sure to see all the highlights (it's not that big and relatively easy to cover in that amount of time). I would have liked to stay longer to do side trips to Kravica Falls, etc. I would also highly recommend Mostar for two full days. I didn't find getting around by train and bus difficult at all. I did this trip in conjunction with Croatia, but feel that Bosnia is very worthwhile in its own right...if I had a week there I would find more than enough to do, including places off the tourist path. Bosnia was a beautiful place to visit.

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Thank you both for your replies! I am planning on flying into Sarajevo from Bucharest and it looks like taking a bus to Dubrovnik. I will definitely stop at the falls and Motsar! Thank you for the information. I will be traveling Europe for a month, so I am trying to figure out where to spend my time and where to stop. The information you provided is very helpful!