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Favorite destination in Bosnia-Herzegovina?

Let's kick-start this new conversation space! What's your favorite destination in Bosnia-Herzegovina and why?

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Mostar. Town where three cultures met. You can see churches and mosques with minarets. Beautiful historic bridge across Neretva River. It was destroyed in the war in early nineties but it was recently rebuilt looking the same as before. There is a muslim market close to the bridge.

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I've only been to Sarajevo, Mostar and Blagaj in BH.

I must say Out of those three Blagaj was my favorite follow by Sarajevo and Mostar is the least.

Blagaj is one of the most beautiful genuine small riverside town I've seen with a tekija built next to the source of the Buna River.

Sarajevo has the best Ćevapčići among the region IMO at this place called the Cevabdzinica Zeljo. It had the perfect balance of saltiness unlike other places around the region where for some reason was always on the more salty side. At the Žuta Tabija on top of the hill, you can really appreciate the peace Sarajevo now enjoy among different religions because of the sacrifices of the soldiers buried in the countless graveyards within sight.

Mostar for some reason was just a rebuilt bridge to me... with side A and side B, we were glad we only spent 3 hours there as a stop over to Dubrovnik.

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Kravice Waterfalls-just outside Mostar. They are the most beautiful I've ever seen. That being said-I haven't been to Plitvice yet ;) I love Mostar too. I spent hours sitting at the base of the bridge watching the divers and drawing the town. Its best later in the day or early when the day trippers are not there. its magical then. Sarajevo's good 360 days of the year, but I really love it when the film festival is on. I think what makes the entire region for me is learning about the contemporary politics and social and cultural barriers that continue to exist in this stunning country from the locals.