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Drive from Sarajevo to Durmitor National Park

In late May, we are considering driving from Sarajevo to Foca, then on to the border crossing at Scepan Polje, Montenegro, to see the Tara River and Durmitor National Park. I've read various opinions about the difficulty of this road (condition, getting lost, etc,). Anyone have knowledge about this route, driving time...other advice or suggestions?

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Hi gg,

We made the trip from Sarajevo a few years back, and don't remember any great difficulties. We also made the trip from around Foca to Scepan Polje last year. As you get closer to Scepan Polje the road can be narrow and last year they were doing a lot of construction, so there were areas where the road was only dirt. But still its not bad.

We've also made the trip from Scepan Polje toward Durmitor several times, this road is also very narrow with an extremely steep drop-can be very scary. Also, every time i've driven it, it seems to be raining making the conditions worse. However, its very beautiful and definitely worth the trip.

If you like rafting. There's several rafting options once you hit Scepan Polje. We've used Camp Grab there multiple times and love it. Also, once you drive across Durmitor National Park and get to Zabljak, there's canyoning, rafting and zip lining. Last year we zip lined across the Tara River about 500 ft above the gorge, it was awesome.

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It's a beautiful drive, should take about 4-5 hours to get to Zabljak. Much of the time the roads are very narrow but there is little traffic. Plenty of amazing scenery and a whole lot of hairpin turns!