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Bosnian flooding

Where can I get current information on travel in light of the Bosnian floods? We are currently in Dubrovnik, and we're planning to end our trip by going to Mostar on Wednesday and Sarajevo Thursday, flying out on Saturday, but are concerned that May no longer be a good plan in light of the flooding, which seems to be impacting Sarajevo.

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I'm sorry I don't know but would ask locally at your hotel or at the train or bus station. I think I would make other plans.

If anyone wants to contribute to flood relief, you can give on line to the Novak Djokovic Foundation. Thank you.

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I agree that you'll get the best info by talking to the local services that are part of your plan. Is the bus company running and on schedule? If you have a hotel reserved in Mostar, talk to them to either confirm or cancel. Changing your plan now would allow you not to worry for the rest of the week.

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Matt - If you end up still going to Bosnia, will you post on what it is like in light of the floods? I'll be driving from Bihac to Sarajevo to Mostar (then on to Dubrovnik) in a month. Based on the news articles, I'm concerned about road conditions. Thanks.

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Probably bit too late but might be useful for others. There were no floods anywhere from Croatian coast up to Sarajevo. And other major tourist cities have recovered by now, buses are running, train Sarajevo-Zagreb not yet but there are 3 buses daily going from Sarajevo to Zagreb and train Mostar-Sarajevo is going as well.