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Border Crossing?

Does anyone have experience with the border crossing at Slano/Ravno between BH and Croatia? Is this an international crossing or just for locals?
Thank you.

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A border crossing is a border crossing. Anyone with a passport can pass through.

The Ravno-Slano route is similar to the border crossing at Neum, in that it traverses a narrow corridor of Bosnia-Herzegovina and Croatia, an oddly-shaped configuration that resulted from border changes following the civil war of the 1990s.

I bicycled into Croatia from B-H at Metkovic (just northwest of Slano), then went south to Neum, where after about a mile, I re-entered B-H before returning to Croatia another mile or so down the road. Neum has a passport control station, but I was simply waved through, perhaps because I was on a bicycle.

Since you posted this back in January, you may have already traveled there. If so, tell us what you experienced at the border.

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This was discussed in the Croatia forum.

Actually, the shape of the border is not due to the war in the 1990's. At the end of the war, all the borders of the constituent republics of Yugoslavia were maintained, but BiH of course was effectively partitioned. (Beware calling it a civil war when you are in the region as people are sensitive about this term.) Others believe the narrow strip of land at Neum was due to Tito. Neither is correct. The border dates back to the 17th century when Neum was established as an Ottoman territory, providing a buffer between Venice and Ragusa (modern day Dubrovnik).

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Thanks for the clarification, Richard. Your explanation of the history is much more interesting too! I spent a night in Slon and enjoyed a very nice B&B and a hearty al fresco breakfast the next morning.

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"A border crossing is a border crossing. Anyone with a passport can pass through."

It's not that simple. Many border crossings have restricted access. The question is totally justified.

I'm talking about this topic in general, not this particular crossing.