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Our family will be spending a few weeks in Slovenia and Croatia this summer. We hope to dip into Bosnia to visit Bihac on our way from the Plitvice Lakes National Park back to Ljubljana. We would welcome thoughts on an atmospheric restaurant with regional food, and any must see sights in town. We'll only have a few hours to spend, so we're hoping to make the most of the small amount of time we have. Thanks for your suggestions in advance!

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I have spent a lot of time in the area--I lived and worked in Mostar and Tuzla for four years and go back to the Bihać area when I can since it's closest to Austria, where I live now :). You can easily stroll most of the town in a short amount of time. The beauty in/around Bihać is most definitely the Una River. I can recommend the restaurant ‘Opal’. It's also a hotel. Enjoy some fresh trout, or whatever you prefer, right on the river. It's not located directly in the center, but it's not too far away. Just ask a local to show you where.

There is also a nice restaurant right on the Una much closer to the center of town and near the Hotel Paviljon, but I can’t remember the name of it.

Honestly, in the summer especially, the true pleasure of the region is to simply take it slow, enjoy the sun, the river, the small cafés, and munch on delicious ćevapi and pita and...don't forget the strong Bosnian coffee. Naturally, if you're a beer drinker, you'll want to try the local pilsner called 'Preminger'. All best enjoyed chatting with locals. While absorbing this magical place that has suffered so horribly in our lifetime and yet remains so full of life and humor.

Have a wonderful trip!

PS: If you find yourself staying longer, rafting on the Una is some of the most gorgeous (and fun) around. I have never been on more fabulous river rafting trips than on the waters of Bosnia and Herzegovina.