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air travel between Cluj and Sarajevo

I am not seeing an easy air route between Cluj or Bucharest and Sarajevo... Any hints on the easiest and fastest?
Thanks in advance

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It looks like it's a 7 hour flight via Vienna or Munich between the two. You're not seeing things, it's just that these two cities have no direct, fast connections. That's not a surprise to me as I've done a lot of research on Romania and the Balkans, and there just aren't good connections between some places. If air isn't an option, then you can bet the other alternatives would take even longer. Is there any way you can restructure your itinerary differently?

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When I run into this situation I look for another place to visit along the way. For instance, last year I needed to get from Titograd to Budapest and the best way was to fly to Belgrade, spend a couple of nights in what turned out to be a really great city, and then fly on to Budapest. Both flights were under $100. I looked and you can do the same sort of thing through Belgrade, and probably a few other places. This spring I want to go to Chernivtsi and that has resulted in a few nights in Kyiv on the way. This is a return visit to Kyiv a city we really love.