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A few questions about visiting Sarajevo in November

I'm looking forward to visiting Sarajevo in November and I just noticed that one of the days I'm visiting, November 25, is a holiday called Statehood Day. I am curious about how the holiday will effect my visit. Should I expect closures on this day? Are there activities I could participate in?

Also, I recently read that morning flights in winter are often delayed to fog. Anyone have experience with this? I ask because I am due to work the next morning after I return from Bosnia and I wonder if I should prepare for significant delays because I have an early morning flight.

Finally, does anyone have experience with a local guide they could recommend?

Thank you in advance for your replies!

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I can't answer the Statehood Day question but would assume that a public holiday may mean that some public attractions may be closed. I would expect very chilly weather at that time (not sure about fog, too hard to predict). Once you're in Sarajevo, go over to the Tourist Info center (it's in Baščaršija - the old Turkish quarter) and you can find all sorts of day tours. I was taken around in a small van by a local guide - there was maybe 6-8 people total - and we drove around the city and got explanations of various sites and the history. It was very interesting to get a local's perspective on a very sad historical past and the ethnic divisions and political fragmentation that is still (sadly) present in the country. You have to visit the Saravejo Tunel Museum when you're there, it's really unforgettable.

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I can't tell you about your first two questions, but I can recommend the most extraordinary guide: Amir Telebecirovic.

I hired Amir in 2014 for a walking tour of Sarajevo. We spent the entire day (about 6 hours) walking around as he shared stories about the people, the history, the places, and his own personal experience during and since the Bosnian War. And for this he charged the equivalent of just 35 US dollars!

You can read about my day with Amir on my blog. He also leads some of the Rick Steves Adriatic Tours, and Rick did an interview with him that you can find on this web site.

I believe you can find his email address in Rick's Adriatic Guidebook; or PM me and I will be happy to share it with you that way.

Have a great trip. I think Sarajevo is a wonderful place to visit.

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Thank you so much for the information Agnes and Lane!