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Recommended Books & Movies

What books and movies made your trip better?

Movies and recreational reading can make your sightseeing a lot more fun and meaningful. Which films and books carbonated your travel experience best?

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rick steve Europe 101 ?
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Rick's list of books that formed his philosophy
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Rick’s France Guide Book…2022 version?
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Recommended Authors - novels set in Europe
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reading World War II
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Radio Swiss stations
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Question re: RS Guide Naples and the Amalfi Coast
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Preparing for our (postponed) trip to Greece
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Preparing for England
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Postcards From Europe (audio book)
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Portofino - Enchanted April
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Pop music versions of Renaissance music
lnbsig 6
Pompeii/ Naples
tjreagan15 0
Pompeii article
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Poland Reading and Viewing
Dave 56
Pocket guides vs Map vs App
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Peter Jackson's 'They Shall Not Grow Old'
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Pasta Grannies
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Passion Italy
Mary 0
parlez vous Paris?
monty 2
Paradiso della Signore ("Ladies Paradise")
Lola 0
Other guide book on Belgium & the Netherlands
Janet 3
On your way to Vienna
pam 2
Online " watch party" 3/25 for a new movie release ( cycling in the Scottish Highlands)
Lola 1
NOT Recommended - Greater Than a Tourist
Estimated... 3
Not a book or movie, but relevant reading
Lola 5
Norway: "The Mercies"
bxrlover 1
Nine countries, nineteen days ...
Jeff 0
New video: 10 British Words That Confuse Americans
Aly 4
New Netflix Norwegian TV Series
dclawyer 18
New Netflix French TV Series - No Second Chance
dclawyer 1
New book by Seth Kugel
Lane 22
New book about slow solo travel
Kathy H. 7
Netflix show Rita
mlawrence14 1
Netflix Series - Medici - Any Historical Value or just a fun Soap Opera?
Sun-Baked in... 6
Need to know and love more about Norway?
Judy B 2
David 1
Mystery books set in your travel destinations
Jolene 12
Mysteries set in Rome?
Helen 17
'My Life in France' - Julia Child
lnbsig 8
My current favorite TV travel shows
Michael... 7
Munich, Austria, Prague and Berlin
David 6
Mrs. Harris goes to Paris a fun film
Carol now... 9
Movie: The Last King
David 7