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Recommended Books & Movies

What books and movies made your trip better?

Movies and recreational reading can make your sightseeing a lot more fun and meaningful. Which films and books carbonated your travel experience best?

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German/English app
Laurel 7
New book by Seth Kugel
Lane 22
Which Rick Steeves Book
kris.albright62 10
Travelers' Tales Guides: Paris (partial review)
klo162 1
Versailles, the TV show
klo162 11
Travel board games
kim 12
Recommendation for a book on French History
KER 11
At Eternity's Gate - Van Gogh film by an artist whose own work is at Orsay
Kent 6
"Aerial Spain" 3 episodes present dramatic views you can't get from the ground
Kent 7
Current New Yorker "The Invisible City Beneath Paris"
Kent 4
"The Rape of Europa" movie/ book for real story behind Hollywood's "The Monuments Men"
Kent 34
Books set in Barcelona, Cannes/Nice, Pisa, Rome, or Switzerland
Kelly’d... 5
WW1 & Brussels
Kelly 1
Postcards From Europe (audio book)
KC 3
foreign films
KC 12
The Way
KC 13
RS's "Postcards from Europe"
KC 3
The Alice Network
Rome in Four Seasons
Kaye 8
Check out these Scottish TV shows and film
Kathy H. 7
Grand Tours of the Scottish Islands on Prime Video
Kathy H. 1
Italy's Invisible Cities - Prime Video
Kathy H. 3
Sophia Loren film on Netflix - The Life Ahead
Kathy H. 3
Excellent series on MHz streaming service
Kathy H. 7
"Don Matteo" DVD availability in US
Kathy H. 7
Ireland Guide/Rick
kalebens 2
Books for Normandy visit, history
June 7
3 Nonfiction Books on Modern Russia in the NYT 1/17/2020
Judy B 3
A good history of Poland for the layperson
Judy B 14
Monk TV Show on Sundance channel
Judy B 13
Fascinating book by Erika Fatland: The Border
Judy B 3
Seaside Hotel, a wonderful Danish Series!
Judy B 15
"Ludwig II" Great movie about "Mad" Ludwig
Judy 1
Good Guide Book for Israel
jshenouda 2
Mystery books set in your travel destinations
Jolene 12
Map Books
johnsshopping 3
Good books about Croatia in English
John R Scott 1
Anne Frank- the Graphic Adaptation - 2018 book
John R Scott 3
Pompeii article
joe32F 7
European Christmas Instrumental music
jimbobby12378 3
Books set in Spain
Jesse 12
Nine countries, nineteen days ...
Jeff 0
Other guide book on Belgium & the Netherlands
Janet 3
Books for South England Villages Tour
Jane 10
Daphne du Maurier's Cornwall
Jane 1
David Macauly - Cathedral, Castle, and more...
Jane 0
Preparing for England
Jane 14
"The Bonjour Effect" and "Sixty Million Frenchmen Can't Be Wrong"
Jane 5
Is There an Italian Equivalent to "The Bonjour Effect" and "They Eat Horses, Don't...
Jane 6
Tea with Mussolini
Jane 4