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Recommended Books & Movies

What books and movies made your trip better?

Movies and recreational reading can make your sightseeing a lot more fun and meaningful. Which films and books carbonated your travel experience best?

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2021 Oscar-nominated film about Bosnia
Dave 2
Lost and Found in Italy - True Stories Book of Six Women
Girasole 3
Sunday, May 2, on PBS @ 3:30 Central Time: Canvasing the World; Paris, With Sean Diediker
Rebecca 2
Which to believe? Bill Bryson, or Escape to the Country?
MariaF 40
German Romanesque Cathedrals in a nutshell, this week on DW TV
avirosemail 6
3rd Edition Best of Europe Release Date 4/20/21
RafaFan 0
A.E. Housman's slog across gray English countryside
avirosemail 7
Poland Reading and Viewing
Dave 56
Fascinating book by Erika Fatland: The Border
Judy B 3
The Dig - Archaeological Story
Linda 18
Fascinating article about the past and possible future of Milan
lnbsig 5
A different kind of Rick Steves
phred 12
Travel in the mind
lnbsig 2
UK Television - Blitz, London's Firestorm
Nigel 6
UK television
Frances in... 15
"LeaveOnly Footprints" - US National Parks
Jane 4
Line of Separation (Tannbach) / Book recommendations on Germany at end of WWII
Rachel 13
Rick Steves Europe 101
Chriss 3
Montalbano's house in Punta Secca? And a question about Ragusa.
Lola 7
Sophia Loren film on Netflix - The Life Ahead
Kathy H. 3
Ways to Indulge Your Travel Wanderlust at Home
Wanderlust58 0
Author Jan Morris passes away
DebVT 4
Carbonate the Louvre with book by James Gardner, "The Many Lives of the World's Most...
avirosemail 12
Love Letter to the Seine
Dick 10
Language study in preparation for future travel
chs11 18
Kanopy streaming service
Andrew 13
"The Story of Europe" - looking for similar docuseries
GlennH 15
If you plan to visit Matera . . .
Rosalyn 4
700th anniversary of Dante's death
avirosemail 7
Magnificent music and scenery!
Priscilla 2
Accessible Travel
dave44sue 8
A Berlin book: The House by the Lake
Dave 5
Travel board games
kim 12
Berlin Wall: "Stasiland" doesn't disappoint
bxrlover 3
Norway: "The Mercies"
bxrlover 1
Book set in Wales
Lori 10
Monk TV Show on Sundance channel
Judy B 13
Concise and readable British history books?
PerilsofP 7
$5 Books are awesome! Get yours now!
wbfey1 17
Belle (2013 movie)
Evan 5
Preparing for our (postponed) trip to Greece
Libby 0
3 Nonfiction Books on Modern Russia in the NYT 1/17/2020
Judy B 3
Pasta Grannies
lnbsig 6
Enjoying Turkish TV shows
rob in cal 2
A BBC Jewel
steven 0
Somebody Feed Phil
diveloonie... 22
British TV series—-not crime or detective
Lola 70
Travel dream DVDs
Marjatta 1
Recommended Authors - novels set in Europe
Bob 5
Footloose in Europe
selkie 2