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Recommended Books & Movies

What books and movies made your trip better?

Movies and recreational reading can make your sightseeing a lot more fun and meaningful. Which films and books carbonated your travel experience best?

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Civilizations on BBC/PBS
1885BD 2
There is a great article about Leonardo da Vinci in this month's National Geographic
Adrienne 2
"Gloomy Sunday," a movie featuring BUDAPEST, thru 30-4O years of pre, during, & post...
aktravlr 0
For the Love of Prague
Al 1
Anthony Bourdain
Alan 7
May we all dance like this when COVID is finally over
Alan 13
Top 10 books about the Scottish Highlands and Islands
Alisonh 5
The average tourist
Allan 17
Books that influenced your travel addiction
Allan 21
Rick Steves at Dallas Travel Show-You're the Bomb!
alohalover 4
New video: 10 British Words That Confuse Americans
Aly 4
French literature in English - Albertine Bookstore
Amy 2
Kanopy streaming service
Andrew 13
Portofino - Enchanted April
Anita 1
Ireland -- Read Trinity by Leon Uris
Ann 1
Going to Venice
Ann 8
Books set in Greece
anniesweetiep... 3
Mission Paris and Mission London for kids
aprilfresh31 3
Two Kinds of Travelers comic
avirosemail 9
journalistic painting esp. Italy
avirosemail 0
Peter Jackson's 'They Shall Not Grow Old'
avirosemail 9
Documentary "The Silence of Others" opens this month in the US
avirosemail 6
"Blancanieves" captures Sevilla in the 1920s
avirosemail 0
VE Day a good time to recall Edmund Wilson's reporting from Europe
avirosemail 2
700th anniversary of Dante's death
avirosemail 7
Carbonate the Louvre with book by James Gardner, "The Many Lives of the World's Most...
avirosemail 12
A.E. Housman's slog across gray English countryside
avirosemail 7
Welsh poet Ronald Stuart Thomas also bleak, not as romantic, anniversary
avirosemail 11
German Romanesque Cathedrals in a nutshell, this week on DW TV
avirosemail 6
What did ancient Rome look like?
avirosemail 13
Andalucia on Monday Night Travel this week - related book
avirosemail 2
Happy 65th Birthday to Pico Iyer
avirosemail 1
Happy 163rd Birthday to Sholem Aleichem
avirosemail 8
Holiday vs. Vacation: which do you prefer?
avirosemail 31
Happy Birthday Paul Theroux - traveller
avirosemail 3
"The Great Courses"
Barb 3
Assisi Italy Book
Barb 0
books on Fez Morocco
barbaragolder16 4
Books on Seville or Madrid
bherrington47 1
Recommended Authors - novels set in Europe
Bob 5
Grand Tours series, Scotland
bogiesan 0
Mediterranean Cruise Ports
bonnieruthlee 2
Book finding resources
brainlynx 9
"Cinema Paradiso" - filmed in Sicily
broekerd 3
27 countries 6 months
brussans 5
rick steve Europe 101 ?
bucephale 5
Babylon Berlin
bxrlover 17
Berlin Wall: "Stasiland" doesn't disappoint
bxrlover 3
Norway: "The Mercies"
bxrlover 1
The Restaurant
bxrlover 8