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Recommended Books & Movies

What books and movies made your trip better?

Movies and recreational reading can make your sightseeing a lot more fun and meaningful. Which films and books carbonated your travel experience best?

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Recommended Authors - novels set in Europe
Bob 5
Ricks "Best of" Guidebooks
Sasha 4
Rick’s France Guide Book…2022 version?
pmattdillon 6
Rick's list of books that formed his philosophy
scott.d.warner 3
rick steve Europe 101 ?
bucephale 5
Rick Steve Kindle editions
Claudia A. 16
Rick Steves at Dallas Travel Show-You're the Bomb!
alohalover 4
Rick Steves England (May 2016) vs Great Britain ( 2013) Kindle editions
Dale 9
Rick Steves Europe 101
Chriss 3
Rick Steves Guidebooks - Release Dates
Donna 2
Rick Steves' kindle books
twilightrabbit 15
Rick Steves' Travel Guides for Luxembourg
gsiebenaller 5
Rick Steves Travel Guides: Kindle vs. Rick Steves Digital Library
tecsi 6
Rome in Four Seasons
Kaye 8
Rome v London
Grier 1
RS' 2019 Italian Phrase Dictionary
Girasole 5
RS Italy Guidebook 2017 vs. RS Italy Guidebook 2018
mariagambrelli 19
RS's "Postcards from Europe"
KC 3
Scotland books….which ones do you recommend?
Pamela 7
Seaside Hotel, a wonderful Danish Series!
Judy B 15
Servant of the People
David 4
Should I buy a new Europe Through the Back Door?
Dale 6
Sicily - A fun Mystery read
miguelperezgi... 1
Sister Wendy Beckett
diveloonie... 9
"SlowTV" from Norway
Michael... 0
Somebody Feed Phil
diveloonie... 22
Sophia Loren film on Netflix - The Life Ahead
Kathy H. 3
South Italy guide book
horsewoofie 3
Spanish Renaissance music
lnbsig 4
"Stealing Beauty" - wonderful movie about being young in Italy (1996, starring lovely...
Shelley 0
Streaming Midsummer Night's Dream at the Globe Theatre
Lola 3
Sunday, May 2, on PBS @ 3:30 Central Time: Canvasing the World; Paris, With Sean Diediker
Rebecca 2
Switzerland Tour Boook
debbie 2
Tea with Mussolini
Jane 4
The Alice Network
The average tourist
Allan 17
"The Bonjour Effect" and "Sixty Million Frenchmen Can't Be Wrong"
Jane 5
The books we carry, boiled down to the essence
zagfam 18
The Cave Painters
FastEddie 5
The Chateau by William Maxell
dlindstrom 1
“The Coat”, a great read about London
Lola 1
The Dig - Archaeological Story
Linda 18
The Fencer-great movie set in 1950s Estonia
christa 0
"The Great Courses"
Barb 3
The Great Courses: Two Titles for Italy Buffs
Jane 12
The Hiding Place
Jane 21
The History of Art in 50 Paintings (Delphi Classics)
curioustraveler 0
The Home Front in World War II England
Grier 0
The Impressionists
rwilliag 9
The Only Street in Paris
Craig 5