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Recommended Books & Movies

What books and movies made your trip better?

Movies and recreational reading can make your sightseeing a lot more fun and meaningful. Which films and books carbonated your travel experience best?

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Excellent series on MHz streaming service
Kathy H. 7
Rome in Four Seasons
Kaye 8
The Alice Network
Postcards From Europe (audio book)
KC 3
foreign films
KC 12
The Way
KC 13
RS's "Postcards from Europe"
KC 3
WW1 & Brussels
Kelly 1
Books set in Barcelona, Cannes/Nice, Pisa, Rome, or Switzerland
Kelly’d... 5
At Eternity's Gate - Van Gogh film by an artist whose own work is at Orsay
Kent 6
"Aerial Spain" 3 episodes present dramatic views you can't get from the ground
Kent 7
Current New Yorker "The Invisible City Beneath Paris"
Kent 4
"The Rape of Europa" movie/ book for real story behind Hollywood's "The Monuments Men"
Kent 34
Recommendation for a book on French History
KER 11
Travel board games
kim 12
Travelers' Tales Guides: Paris (partial review)
klo162 1
Versailles, the TV show
klo162 11
Which Rick Steeves Book
kris.albright62 10
New book by Seth Kugel
Lane 22
German/English app
Laurel 7
Lee 2
Books for day hikes-Italy
lesliebennett 5
Preparing for our (postponed) trip to Greece
Libby 0
The Dig - Archaeological Story
Linda 18
Grand Designs - Isle of Skye
Linda 9
Books read prior to RS Best of Ireland trip
lmshep51 3
'My Life in France' - Julia Child
lnbsig 8
Book about Tom Crean
lnbsig 5
At Eternity's Gate
lnbsig 6
Spanish Renaissance music
lnbsig 4
Pasta Grannies
lnbsig 6
Travel in the mind
lnbsig 2
Fascinating article about the past and possible future of Milan
lnbsig 5
Streaming Midsummer Night's Dream at the Globe Theatre
Lola 3
Paradiso della Signore ("Ladies Paradise")
Lola 0
Which book on Sicily?
Lola 4
“The Coat”, a great read about London
Lola 1
Question re: RS Guide Naples and the Amalfi Coast
Lola 8
Travel videos on Japan?
Lola 12
Not a book or movie, but relevant reading
Lola 5
British detective series?
Lola 58
Let's start a list of books and games to send to grandkids
Lola 29
Online " watch party" 3/25 for a new movie release ( cycling in the Scottish Highlands)
Lola 1
British TV series—-not crime or detective
Lola 70
Movies to help travel vicariously
Lola 20
Victoria and Abdul
Lola 1
Montalbano's house in Punta Secca? And a question about Ragusa.
Lola 7
Book on easy hikes Val Gardena
Lori 4
Book set in Wales
Lori 10
traveling with kids
Maria 2