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Recommended Books & Movies

What books and movies made your trip better?

Movies and recreational reading can make your sightseeing a lot more fun and meaningful. Which films and books carbonated your travel experience best?

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Vanilla Beans & Brodo - Real Life in the Hills of Tuscany by Isabella Dusi
Sherry 0
"Gloomy Sunday," a movie featuring BUDAPEST, thru 30-4O years of pre, during, & post...
aktravlr 0
The Reluctant Tuscan
martha546 0
Nine countries, nineteen days ...
Jeff 0
Pompeii/ Naples
tjreagan15 0
Jack the Ripper walk in London
martin_loughlin 0
Assisi Italy Book
Barb 0
Amsterdam by Russell Shorto
razorclams 0
David Macauly - Cathedral, Castle, and more...
Jane 0
"Stealing Beauty" - wonderful movie about being young in Italy (1996, starring lovely...
Shelley 0
"SlowTV" from Norway
Michael... 0
The Home Front in World War II England
Grier 0
French TV Series: "The Bureau" (“Le Bureau des Legendes”)
dclawyer 0
TV Series Update: “The Bureau” is Back for a Third Season
dclawyer 0
journalistic painting esp. Italy
avirosemail 0
The Fencer-great movie set in 1950s Estonia
christa 0
Paradiso della Signore ("Ladies Paradise")
Lola 0
Best Travel Books & Maps
WhateverLA 0
Grand Tours series, Scotland
bogiesan 0
The History of Art in 50 Paintings (Delphi Classics)
curioustraveler 0
"Blancanieves" captures Sevilla in the 1920s
avirosemail 0
A BBC Jewel
steven 0
Preparing for our (postponed) trip to Greece
Libby 0
3rd Edition Best of Europe Release Date 4/20/21
RafaFan 0
Celebrating Women's History Month - English Style
steven 0
Passion Italy
Mary 0
Happy 310th Birthday to Jean-Jacques Rousseau
avirosemail 0
Humble Bundle for language and Lonely Planet travel books (expires 7/17)
Mariam 0
State of Happiness/Lykkeland
bxrlover 0
Sabaton: Historical Heavy Metal
Dave 0
YouTube music of Erik Satie paintings of Edouard Leon Cortes
lnbsig 🌍 0
"Dinner Club" show on Amazon Prime Video
Kathy H. 0
Music for Switzerland. Interested in your recommendations/playlists
TH 0
historical maps of Paris from the Getty collection
avirosemail 0
Overbooked by Elizabeth Becker
Evan 0
harsh look at Vichy France
avirosemail 0
Seize the Day in Rome
Craig 0
25th Anniversary of ICC conviction of Slobodan Milošević for war crimes
avirosemail 0
Happy Notting Hill
phred 0
Skip 1
Portofino - Enchanted April
Anita 1
Radio Swiss stations
Rachel 1
Daphne du Maurier's Cornwall
Jane 1
Travelers' Tales Guides: Paris (partial review)
Ka 1
New Netflix French TV Series - No Second Chance
dclawyer 1
Good books about Croatia in English
John R Scott 1
"Ludwig II" Great movie about "Mad" Ludwig
Judy 1
Rome v London
Grier 1
Sicily - A fun Mystery read
miguelperezgi... 1
WW1 & Brussels
Kelly 1