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The Polish Rick Steves

Hi all!

As I ponder my possible return to the beautiful country of Poland in September (fingers crossed), I have been searching for travel content on Poland that might be a little more "off the beaten path" and aimed at Polish domestic tourists.

A local Polish friend recommended an interesting chap called Robert Makłowicz who I would describe as the "The Polish Rick Steves" (but with better fashion sense lol), he is a travel writer, historian, and accomplished chef. He takes us across Poland and even Europe, exploring different regions, points of interest, and local cuisines.

He is still making regular travel episodes, even during Covid times. He speaks in Polish, but you can turn on English subtitles to follow along. Each episode is about 30-40 minutes. Here is his YouTube page with some his episodes -

Some of my favorite episodes so far:

Poland's Baltic coast - Sopot and Gdynia

Gdańsk - Sea and City

Kashubia and historic Eastern Pomerania

La dolce vita in Sweden

Dalmatia, Croatia

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Great, thanks for the info!!! Poland is the near the top of my list, after Switzerland (this year, hopefully) and Italy (next year, hopefully).

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Thanks Carlos for sharing “The Polish Rick Steves!” Bookmarked! Hope your return to Poland will happen in September. Looking forward to your trip report.

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Thank you, Carlos! I’m waitlisted on the RS tour of Poland in May 2022 and would go from Krakow to Stockholm to begin the Scandinavia tour later in May.
I’m sure I will enjoy the “Polish Rick Steves”.

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Happy this share this info! I certainly do hope to make it to Poland in September, but right now it's looking like a 50/50 chance. The tentative plan is to fly in to Krakow and then keep the rest of the trip open ended, but right now I'm leaning towards a week in the Silesian Beskid mountains, on the border between Poland and Czechia.

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This is interesting and helpful formation - thank you!

As for the “Polish Rick” part, I do have to wonder, are there a bunch of Poles at each of his recommended places, all identifiable by devices showing his You Tube videos … like Rick’s blue-and-yellow books prominently being toted by so many who use his recommendations?

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I switched from Poland to Bosnia & Herzegovina for this year's big trip due to Poland dragging its feet with regard to reopening (and due to BiH being eager to draw travelers). So, it's the southern and eastern parts of that "country" this year; I will hit the north and west in 2022. That lines up Poland for 2023. I hope you get to travel there this year... I know it's a favorite for you.

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The travel writer/blogger Peter Greenberg also did an interesting episode about Polish travel, I believe I watched it on Amazon but might be on the Youtubes as well