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The Bachelor in Tallinn

Not my type of show so I’ve never watched The Bachelor, but tonight at 8 Pacific I will because it’s set in Tallinn, Estonia, one of my most favorite cities. Let’s see how long I last!

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Well, christa, were there exterior shots, or was the episode filmed on a basically generic set? Any interaction with Estonians (maybe the contestants were Estonian?), significant Tallinn scenes, characteristic foods, traditional clothing or other significant things that presented Tallinn or Estonia to the viewing audience?

How much did the show highlight Tallinn? Could you have been a location or content consultant to make Tallinn more meaningful in the show?

And will you be watching any further episodes, based on this one?

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Cyn--to say I found it excruciating is putting it mildly! But, I watched in horrified fascination, so much so that I messed up my knitting...I guess they are on some kind of European jaunt because next week they'll be in another of my most favorite cities, Budapest!

There was of course the fabulous panoramic view of the roof tops from Toompea Hill, wanderings through old town past Alexander Nevsky cathedral and Kadriorg park, though they stayed in the Swisshotel in the modern section. Their Estonian cultural outings included a wife-carrying competition, a visit to a friendly witch to get all the negative vibes saged away, and finally to a sauna where some of the people were naked and they wore bathing suits. I think there were a lot of outdoor scenes considering it's cold & snowy, and the magic of the old town was on display enough to make it worth my time--they might've shown the Baltic shore, or Jaagala falls, perhaps a hike in Lahemaa national park.

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We watch it occasionally for the fake drama & sights, fast-forwarding through chunks of it. “It’s the most dramatic, ever!” - LOL! Anyway, we loved the scenery they showed of Estonia!

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I am an unrepentant Bachelor watcher. Except during COVID, the show has always taken the contestants around the world. Last year, they made a stop in Vienna and I sat in that hotel lobby for hours waiting for some action. Luckily, I finally saw Bachelor Clayton and his date Serene head out for an evening at the Belvedere.

Next week the show will be in Budapest @MisterE!

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Tallin is such a green and lush place. We just spent one day there coming off a Baltic cruise, but it's one place I'd like to spend more time in--drinking their fine beer.