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I haven't but Fred Plotkin has been around the Italian food scene for quite a long while.

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Fred Plotkin has been reporting on Italy’s food for years. Good for him to hook up with Rick Steve’s, a win win for both of them.

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I'm on the waiting list for it at the library.

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My thought: What a great collaboration! I’ve taken two culinary tours to Italy and I can envision this as an asset. Looking at the content, having a section on lingo is a plus prior to visiting Italy. Many years ago I took a 6 week Italian course that included a glossary to help decipher menus & hurdle the language barrier. The book would be a great gift idea as well.

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I've traveled to a lot of countries and Italy always is at the top, food wise. I need to get back there!

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Thanks for pointing this out. I had Fred's book "Italy for the Gourmet Traveler" but it is quite out-of-date now as it was written in 1996. I will look forward to reading this one!

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I had no idea. And, amazing - the book covers parts of Italy that will probably never get even a mention in his travel book.

Buon appetito!

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Thanks for the heads up. I missed this since I did an order before Christmas.

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The Washington Post talked with Steves about this book.

How to avoid eating like a tourist in Italy, according to Rick Steves
Why you should skip the mounds of colorful gelato and more from the Europe travel expert

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