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Question re: RS Guide Naples and the Amalfi Coast

Does it include Caserta? Even if only as a daytrip from Naples (but we would probably stay there).

If not, does anyone know of a guidebook that does?

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Lonely Planet's Naples guide has a blurb about Caserta.

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Thank you. Is the Blurb a sidebar, a full page, or a section of several pages? Does it cover anything more than the Palace?

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I have visited Caserta, it warrants half day only. Only parts of the palace have been renovated. Prob since it is off the main tourist routeing I drove to the Palace from Naples, gd roads.

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Caserta is an easy day trip from Naples, 40 minutes by train. But, if you're not adverse to driving, there's more to see in the area.

This has to be one of the easiest Royal Palaces in the world to visit. It's Italys best kept secrets.

I've visited 5 times and am still in awe at the vastness of both the Palace and its opulence and its gardens.
I personally think it rivals Versailles, without the crowds.

There are two extensive gardens, the park and water garden and as you reach the end of this garden at the waterfall, you enter the English garden. If the path is open, you can hike up to the Carolina Aquaduct.

Up on the hill you have the old city of Casertavecchia, its like a moment lost in time.
On the drive up, there are fantastic views over the Palace and its grounds. A little further is the town of Caiazzo and the Absolute Best Pizza in Italy. My daughters' boss is best friends with the owner. Fantastic views over the countryside.
Check opening times.

If you need more info, pm me.

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Lola, a huge Thank You. I don’t know how I missed this guidebook when going through the RS site on guidebooks, but due to your post, I was able to grab one before our upcoming trip on April 30th.