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Montalbano's house in Punta Secca? And a question about Ragusa.

Have any Montalbano fans been to Punta Secca to see his house and swimming beach (from the films) and dine at Enzo's?

Looking at the area on Satellite View, it does not appear particularly scenic Long blocks of land in the area are covered by grey rectangular somethings. Knowing the area to be agricultural, we guessed these might be greenhouses, and confirmed this with Street View. But so many of them . . . . What are they growing in there, besides tomatoes? And why not grow them outdoors? Seems like the greenhouses would be too hot and humid in Sicily.

And does anyone know if the hill town shown from the air in the opening scenes of the Montalbano TV series is Ragusa?

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I suspect the greenhouse provide climate control and pest control and the ability to extend the growing season. Here is a link that might provide some insight and why there are so many in that area.
An interesting factoid, though not related to Italy specifically. I was on the bus in Ecuador a few years ago. My seat mate was a woman who worked in an environmental non profit in Washington DC. Her 2 complaints about Ecuador was bananas and roses. Bananas, due to the monoculture that meant the extinction of many older varieties and the devastation when a blight or disease hit the crops. The second was that to make those perfect Ecuador rose bouquets for Valentine's day, the greenhouses were so highly treated with pesticides and chemicals, that if the greenhouse was moved, nothing would grow in the ground. They have yet to determine just how long it will take until it becomes viable land again. I suspect that is a problem with many areas of high density greenhouses.

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I'm not sure whether the intro is from Ragusa; it might also be Modica. Take a look at this webpage: . It states that the overhead shots include Scicli and Noto in addition to Ragusa and Modica. Both of the latter are very hilly.

I recommend the "Making Montalbano: Behind the Scenes" video if you haven't already seen it.

This YouTube video visits some of the towns used for exterior filming: Scicli, Modica and Punta Secca:

The pronunciation of the narrator in the second (amateur) video is pretty dreadful.

This website may provide additional information: . You can easily find more with Google.

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Thanks, acraven. I will watch these videos because I, too, love Montalbano.

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I did a Montelbano holiday a few years ago. It is true that the location of Montelbano's house is not particularly scenic, but is still worth a visit is you are a follower of the television programme. The nearest local cafe serves arancini. The opening credits do show Ragusa, which is a splendid town. Be prepared to do a lot of walking up and down hills. Several scenes in the progeramme are filmed in the nearby town of Scicli, which is also the location of Montelbano's police station (in reality the town hall). There is a cafe opposite, which also appears in the programme. Marina di Ragusa on the coast has some good seafront restaurants. I would strongly recommend a visit to Sicily, with my favourite spot being Taormina.

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We are Montalbano fans as well. We visited Noto, Ragusa, Modica & Ortigia in 2014. We based ourselves in Ortigia & hired a driver for the day to visit the baroque towns. Looking back at our photos, they matched many of the shots taken in the “Italy Heaven” article up thread. (Thanks acraven for sharing the links) It was nice to reminisce. We had planned to revisit Sicily this fall. Hoping to return!

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Thank you, MariaF and acraven---great links. And I learned a lot about greenhouse culture in Italy.

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You are welcome Lola. Yeah, who knew, right? Wait until you are curious about the long buildings along the arid coast of Peru - those are chicken farms.