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Map Books

Hi all...
I used to love the Moleskine pocket mapbooks for big cities, and before that, liked to use the Michelin map books... but now I can't seem to find anything like those anymore... a book-form street map, rather than a large foldout map, or a guidebook that includes a map. Does anyone have any suggestions for something that fits this bill? Specifically, right now I am looking for Buenos Aires, but would like to know for other major cities too.

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If there is a Barnes and Noble nearby, you can check out what they have. With the advent of GPS and aps on smartphones, the variety of maps is decreasing. Ten years ago, if you went to Venice, you saw all the tourists walking around with their fold-out tourist maps. Nowadays, everyone has their head down staring at their smartphone as they walk down the street. They must be accurate, I haven't seen anyone walk into the canal (yet).

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I love the Penguin Mapguides (London, Paris, Amsterdam). I don't know if they have map books for South America.

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Hi johnsshopping, the best maps I always get in Metsker maps. If you live in Seattle or nearby. Otherwise buy locally. I am not very amused by Barnes & Noble selection.