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"LeaveOnly Footprints" - US National Parks

This isn't set in Europe, but it's a delightful travel book that I heard about on Rick's weekly radio show.

The author, Conor Knighton, tried to soothe his broken heart by visiting every single US national park in the course of one year, 2016. A few segments of the trip were aired on CBS Sunday Morning, so a bit of this may be familiar to you.

Knighton is a talented writer; the book is fun to read, as well as being informative. He has that rare ability (and willingness) to laugh at himself when he does something stupid. In fact, he has self-censored an entire episode of dangerously stupid behavior because he knew his mother would be reading the book!

In every park, he managed to snag an interview with a ranger, a resident, or another wanderer. This ups both the readability level, the entertainment value, and the informational level.

And it's a quick read. Recommended.

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Thanks, Jane - I am going to look for it. :) I have many more National Parks to see (but won’t be trying for them all in one year - ha!).

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Thanks Jane! We love our National and other parks and vacation in them between Europe trips.

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I read the sample intro chapter and it was entertaining. No idea how informative it would be. I may have to break down and buy it since my library doesn’t have a copy. And I guess theoretically it is possible to drive to/through all 63, that wouldn’t be “visiting” them. But that didn’t seem to be his goal.
Edit* This 2nd post was a response to a now deleted comment.

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Travelmom, it's fairly new book, so it's possible your library has it on order. You might also try interlibrary loan, although that service doesn't seem to be as useful as it once was, at least in Tulsa.