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Latest Rick Steves Guidebooks, Publishing date/ post Covid?

I want to purchase the Scandinavia guidebook and noticed that they are currently on sale through Rick's website but the publish date is 2021. I remember Rick discussing that they were going to update all of the guidebooks post Covid. So would this publication be post Covid or is there another guidebook coming soon? Thank you!

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You can always call the office in Edmonds and ask. In my experience, staff have always been friendly and willing to look it up and share when the next edition is scheduled. But it may be moot: I believe the sale on guidebooks ran until January 2 (check you calendar...). Who knows, maybe they're still honoring the sale prices?

In normal times, I believe most of the country/regional guidebooks have been updated on a roughly 2-year revision cycle. Of course, these are not normal times for much of anything, and like everything else, publishing cycles have been disrupted.

Since the publication date for the last/current edition was June 2021, I would expect a new edition sometime in the coming weeks or months. The fact that the current edition is/was on sale would reinforce my speculation that will be happening sooner rather than later, but that's just a guess (it's how most businesses work: discount older inventory to move it out before a new model is introduced). Also potentially significant: they're running a (nearly) month-long "Festival of Europe" (January 9-30) which might include the roll-out (or at least announcement) of updated products and other doings.

Do you have a specific trip to Scandinavia looming and you need to do planning right now or very soon? If not, and it's just for dreaming or long-range inspiration, then I'd probably wait a bit in hopes of a new edition coming soon. If you are planning a trip and want the goods ASAP, then consider that there's no sin in getting a slightly older edition now, make good use of it in your planning, then get the absolute latest release shortly before your trip. Books are cheap tools (especially cheap if you're going to Scandinavia!) that are worthwhile investments.

Hope that helps.

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As others have noted, the books don't usually change that much one edition to another. Once they're a few years old, that's a different story. So prices and opening times will change but the major attractions are still as we left them. Hotels and restaurants however are another story. Use the book and verify on the intergoogles.

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It takes a long time from basic research, writing, editing, publishing and printing, before a new edition of any book can come out. So it's doubtful they had a whole new post-COVID book ready to go in the middle of the pandemic.

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Thanks all for the replies. I went ahead and ordered the 2021 book and bookmarked all of the book updates for those countries on Rick's website. I did order from Amazon though because of the sale being over and Amazon was less than regular price on this website.

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Keep in mind, what changes is mainly things like Hotels, restaurants, opening/closing times of attractions, cost...all things that change anyway once a guidebook is published...but also things that are easy to update by checking on the web.

The content, narrative, stories, history and other information is pretty stable.