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Ireland -- Read Trinity by Leon Uris

When I went to Ireland, I really did not the history of Ireland. Nor did I know why the British and the Irish did not get along, did not know the background of the fighting and did not know what the IRA really stood for and why they did what they did. By reading Trinity by Leon Uris, I got a better understanding of Ireland and Home Rule and what really happened in Ireland. It was a great novel, a great read and it explained alot of things. It was very important to read up before going to Ireland because in Ireland you see the land, beauty of the country, the sky, ocean but you don't really understand Ireland and what you are looking at. This way you have a better appreciation of Ireland after reading the book and Ireland comes more alive when you see it.

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Thank you for the suggestion. I'll add another historical novel, starting before the Vikings: "The Princes of Ireland, the Dublin Sagas" by Edward Rutherford.