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German Romanesque Cathedrals in a nutshell, this week on DW TV

DW tv is broadcasting an English version of a short documentary about the rise of cathedrals in Germany during the Romanesque period - it played in February in German but is now making the rounds in English; see the schedule listed on the program page here:

It's worthy of listing here on the RS forum where it conforms with Rick's production standard of 'assuming an attention span' without going into too many minutiae for the general traveler.

It's best for getting thumbnail of the Church in Germany on either side of the Millennium and for some great images of the cathedrals of Mainz, Worms, and other cities.

Caution, though, should be taken when it comes to anything the narration claims apart from simple dates and facts -- almost everything the show claims is doubted or disconfirmed by current scholarship. (It seems like the writers didn't consult anyone from a modern nondenominational academy when putting together the script). It looks marvelous, though, so worth your time.

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It may be different in the US but my LG TV has a DW app

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DW is on our PBS World channel along with BBC.

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Yes, here in northern CA we get DW tv through both the San Mateo PBS station and the SF/Oakland/San Jose PBS station.

Like a lot of new documentaries on PBS this past year or two, the spread of drone-borne cameras and digital editing is re-invigorating many locations and topics that we may have learned something about in earlier decades -- now we can see them from new angles and in new combinations that bring back the 'wow' factor. The Romanesque cathedrals of what is now Germany are given the full night-time cable drama series treatment in this new documentary.

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Thanks, Kathy for making it easy to find this program -- here's the youtube link:

and let me repeat that the look and editing of this show is great, especially to watch it for free (ha)
but you are just about better off with the narration track turned down as low as possible.