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German/English app


I'd like a German app as good as the Larousse French/English dictionary I have now on my Iphone. If anyone has used the Larousse one and can recommend a comparable German one, I would really appreciate it! Among other things, that one goes both says, The German apps I've tried will translate German to English, but not the other way. Obviously for a German translation of an English word I'd like to use, that won't help. I definitely want something that shows as an app on my phone and opens at a touch, not something I have to type in to reach.

Thanks to anyone who can help!

Laurel, Maryland

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Have you tried Google Translate? Seems to work fine for me, though I wouldn't try having a conversation with it. Speaking phrases into it or typing the words seems to work fine.

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I use an iPad/iPhone app “iTranslate” It does many languages. It’s free but they are aggressive in trying to get one to purchase the fee app. Just hit the X in the pop-up box and you can continue to the free version. I particularly
Iike the audio feature to hear pronunciation.

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I have an app called Speak and Translate where you can speak or write any language and it will translate to another language. It's free at the Apple App Store.

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Do you want a dictionary to translate words, or are you translating phrases?
For a dictionary I recommend: There is also an app, search for "Leo".
This is produced by the technical university of Munich and is very accurate and comprehensive, I use it at work for words I don't know.

If you are using any dictionary without some knowledge of the language, beware of the risks. one word in language A can have two meanings covered by two different words in language B. For example "ticket".
1) entrance ticket (museum etc.) (=Eintrittskarte)
2) transport ticket (bus/train) (=Fahrkarte)
3) Season ticket (for transport) (=Abo)
3) air ticket (=Flugschein)
4) penalty ticket (parking or speeding ticket) (=Bussezettel)

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Thank you all! I may look at all of those. All sound good. I really appreciate the input.

Chris, in answer to your question, I'm usually looking for words because I took German in school many years ago. Thanks for all those tickets! They're useful. We had a Bussezettel once but hope not to need that term again!


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You can use "Strafzettel" for the penalty parking ticket.