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European Christmas Instrumental music

Every Christmas I love watching Rick Steves' European Christmas, not just for the beautiful scenery, but for the amazing music. I recently bought the official soundtrack but realized that it included none of the instrumental music included in the show. Does anybody have any idea where I could get a hold of those great songs, even if they have to be individually purchased?

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You might post this on the TV Forum. Somebody from RS is likely to see it and give you an answer. Since that show was 2004, they might not have good records. One post from RS explained that they did not begin formal licensing agreements for the music until 2005, so earlier shows may not have complete records.

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I see that both APM Music Library and Jerry Frank are credited on the end of Rick's Christmas show. In addition there are credits for a few performances recorded live in Europe that are not listed on the CD. Here's a note from the TV producer:
For newer shows (those released from 2006 up to the present), we obtain our music from the APM Music Library. We license the music for use on the show (and for the DVD's and other digital media), but we do not own it and cannot sell it or give specifics about artists and tracks. The music from the older shows is not available. The composer, Jerry Frank is a talented musician who lives in Seattle. You can contact Jerry through his website and discover more of his music.