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zip lock bags in Kenya

Can I use a quart sized ziplock as a liquids bag in Kenya, or will they take that away? Any other tips are welcome. I leave for a 14 day safari with an organized company. I am also going into Tanzania.

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We are going to Kenya and Tanzania as well. We are not taking any ziplock plastic bags or any other plastic bags of any sort. There is a risk of a large fine in Kenya if they catch you with plastic bags. Will they check your luggage or backpack? Who knows. I bought a see though 311 bag for any liquids that I will be carrying on in my backpack.

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I’ve been to Kenya twice. Once when that babe rule came into effect in 2017 and once last October. I took carry on only when I went last year as laundry could be dine at the lodges. I had my plastic 1 quart ziplock type bag from Heathrow as they will only allow that. They are very picky there.

Anyhow, no one bothered me about the airport security liquids bag in Kenya.

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I'm a bit confused. Going to Kenya in August.

If I bring liquids in my carry-on in a quart-size ziplock bag, is that okay or not okay?

Is a clear plastic or vinyl pouch (clearly not intended to be thrown away) permitted?

Or do you have to take your liquids out of the 3-1-1 bag and toss it before you arrive?

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Someone mentioned Tanzania. We went to Tanzania last summer on safari. My husband is on a feeding tube and cannot eat anything by mouth. He filled his checked suitcase with ziplock bags full of powder Ensure for his meals. No-one checked the checked bags.