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I’m planning to go to Zimbabwe for 2 weeks In July/ August 2021, how much money would be advisable to take? I will be doing a volunteer programme where most flights and trips will be paid for, accommodation is sorted, as is the food so spending money wise I probably wouldn’t need a great deal.

Also what currency is preferred? I know there is the RTGS the Zimbabwe dollar but when I was researching I got a bit confused at whether this was still in circulation and it doesn’t seem to be available to buy now (I think due to a shortage), i know that atms over there aren’t known to be very reliable so I thought it best to have some cash already. Does anyone know if I could use my revolut card as a debit over there too? Thanks in advance.

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You'll get more replies on Zimbabwe if you post your question on a site like TripAdvisors.

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I agree, you will get better answers on Tripadvisor's forum. But with currencies and Zimbabwe, who knows? The RTGS dollar has had problems with inflation (although not as bad as the old Zimbabwe dollars) but a lot of things can change until 2021.

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Take USD and only a small amount assuming you will have access to ATMs.

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Take $300 dollars USA cash small bills. But try first to pay everything with a credit card (get one visa or mastercard if you don't have one

Have a Debit card visa or mastercard for the atm lastly.;