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Would you consider this a good airfare from Buenos Aires?

Hello community,

I have no experience of traveling in South America. In November, we are doing a transatlantic cruise from Barcelona to Buenos Aires, adding in a few days in BA afterwards.

One way fares from Buenos Aires to Toronto, on ChoiceAir (the cruise line's airfare arm) start from $967 CAD. I was hoping for less but maybe this is a good fare?

Some of the flight choices at that price are:
American Airlines, connecting in Miami (1:45 connection)
American and Envoy connecting in JFK (2:05 connection)
American and Envoy connecting in Dallas (2:01 connection)

Or, at the higher price of $1191 CAD, there's an Air Canada that is direct but not non-stop. It stops in Santiago and says "may be required to exit the plane".

Do these fares seem fair? As I said, I have no experience of South America. I've bought a couple of one-way fares through ChoiceAir for Transatlantic cruises, but they were from Europe and much cheaper.

Thank you for any input you may be able to offer.

EDIT - the cruise starts in November. Our flight home from BA will be December 9th, 10th, or 11th.

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Working from memory, my recollection for round trip from Seattle was around 1500-1600 USD. This was about 8 yrs ago. ( in December) It was on American Airlines.

Based on that, the airfare you are seeing looks to be reasonable. We went through Miami and do not recall any particular problem. How it works for transfer to Canada, couldn't say.

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I don't think you're going to find many (or any) people who have flown only one-way from Buenos Aires to Toronto AND in November on this forum because it's a rather unique routing (and most of us are not Canadian residents). The only way to gauge a "good" price is to track it over several months and compare many airlines (include LAN Airlines and Aerolineas Argentinas). Since your trip is in November, you have plenty of time to do this...I wouldn't feel any pressure to make a decision this early out.

Right now a Google Flights dummy search shows $964 USD for a one-way flight in November to Toronto, but of course it's not static and will change. If I told you what I paid from the DC area to Buenos Aires round trip in 2009, it would be meaningless because it's not an apples-to-apples comparison. "Fair" is typically not a standard in airline fares ; it comes down to what you're willing to pay and whether it's in your budget. So take the time to track the fare over several months to see (roughly) what range you have to work with.

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We found flights to Buenos Aires and Santiago expensive, more than for travel to Europe.

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Thanks Joe, that gives me at least something to gauge it on.

Thanks Agnes, I've been tracking for several weeks. Yesterday it zoomed up $100, but today it is back down. I kick myself because a few weeks ago I searched it directly from Air Canada, and it popped up at $600. Must have been a glitch - only a few hours later it was up to $1800. I live in hope that the glitch returns, and this time I will purchase immediately.

Suki, it does seem a lot higher than Europe, but then its a much longer flight.

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Prices are generally higher to SA probably due to lack of competition - lot less flights from NA to any of the major cites in South America. Also note the distance is a lot more than Europe. Doing a quick search on the Great Circle Mapper ( shows Toronto Paris is only 3,751 miles while Toronto - BA is 5,563 miles

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Andrea, I looked up Indianapolis--Miami and Buenos Aires -- Indianapolis just today, for a possible March trip, and it was higher than Europe round trip. Your price sounds good.

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We have flown to South America three times. The RT fare was about the same as flying to Europe.
We flew from JAX, Fla to Lima, Peru for about $350 US. Also, one-way from Santiago to JAX was about $500, but that was several years ago.

We have found that we got our best deal on one-way flights by using Delta Skymiles or the Celebrity Choice Air.
Check before your book.
I do not recommend flying through JFK, every time we go through there, we are delayed seriously.

Here are some of our trip reports and reviews on our great South American cruises and trips.
South America

Cusco, Sacred Valley, Machu Picchu and Celebrity Eclipse home

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I paid $900 US round trip for a Portland-Quito/Lima-Portland flight in 2018, so your price for one way flight from Buenos Aires to Toronto sounds not bad (to me). I personally would avoid transfer at JFK in winter. Have you tried searching on Google flights? You can track specific flight prices and get notified when they change. Since you're not traveling until the end of the year, you might want to keep an eye out for a little while.

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Thanks Bets for checking. Good to know I'm somewhere near a fair fare. The lowest economy fares have fallen just a little from $967CAD to $944CAD. Maybe that's a trend to watch!

Geovagriffith, I enjoyed your reviews. I post over on Cruise Critic as well; my name there is LucasLounger1. I might PM you with some questions about Buenos Aires.

CL, I have decided to avoid JFK.

Recently Delta has released some flights that might just be the ones. The Comfort Class might even be in my budget.

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We flew from Baltimore to BA in September 2016. Round trip airfare +hotel for 7 nights, with breakfast, for my wife and I, was $3100 US. I don’t have a separate amount just for the airfare, so not certain if that helps. Going, we switched planes in Miami and returning the change was in Dallas. We flew American Airways.

When checking fares online, clear your computer’s cookies and you may get a better deal.

In BA we stayed at Scala Hotel on Bernardo de Irigoyen. It’s in the San Telmo area and we really enjoyed it. If you wanted to see the places we visited while there, let me know and I’ll PM you the link to my website. I can also send the list of the places we visited.