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World scratch off maps

We have several of Rick Steves travel books and always appreciate his candid recommendations. We now want to artfully capture our travel adventures on a global (with US state details) scratch off map. What one(s) would you recommend? There are dozens and dozens on the internet. We're looking for high quality, that we can continue to scratch for years to come.
Thanks for your advice!

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What is a scratch off map? I've never heard that term. Are you looking for a single large world map? Or an atlas with individual country maps?

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I received a Europe scratch off map for Christmas from a colleague who knows I love to travel- one of the best and most unique gifts I’ve ever received! I’m not sure how it compares in quality to others, but the brand is Jetsetter Maps. She said she ordered it online and there were multiple different maps. 🗺

My scratch off map is a map of every country in Europe covered in a gold type of paint. The idea is to scratch off each country as you visit with a coin or some thing similar. When I scratch mine off the gold turns into beautiful rainbow watercolor underneath. It’s really lovely.

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I have had my Scratch Map Travel Edition for several years and I love using it to keep track of all the places I've been. I got mine at World Market, but I'm not sure where you're from so I don't know if you have one of those nearby. I believe the map can also be ordered online. This one does have the states individually marked as well as Canadian provinces, which I liked. I think it also comes in a larger size, but I liked that this was small enough to frame and include as part of a larger display of travel pictures on my wall.

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I have a scratch map, gold coloured. Its a world map, has the individual US states, also Canadian provinces and Australian states. I'm in the UK and bought it in Waterstones. Says its by Luckies - they have a UK website

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I've been given two as gifts over the years, but have yet to scratch. I keep thinking about my own "rules" for what to scratch. I don't think its fair to scratch off Portugal for two days in Ponta Delgada and one day in Lisbon. But if I try to scratch off the parts of each country I've seen -- well, it gets messy!

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I got a smile out of Andrea's post. The fact that we impose "rules" on ourselves, and how we choose. I don't have a scratch-off map, but I have to admit I'd scratch a country of which I only touched a corner!