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which car type should I hire for my Kampala city tour.

I'm going for a luxury gorilla trekking safari to Uganda.In my itinerary,I have to do a kampala city tour where I shall have to drive myself around the city.They have asked me which car I would love to use. They gave me options.I want a car that is nice and at the same time secure: a car that is not so luxurious but convenient for me. I want to do this because I want to be like the locals. Has anyone ever had to hire a car in Uganda.

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If it was me, I would opt not to drive - I'm sure hiring a driver and car for the day will cost a little more but will save you the hassles of trying to drive in a foreign city like Kampala - unless you have significant experience driving in 3rd world cities.

Come to think of it - what type of luxury tour makes someone drive themselves in a foreign country?

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Why do you have to drive yourself on the city tour? Why does it matter so much what kind of car you should use? Why was it necessary to give us the full name of tour company you will use? Hmmmm?

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What kind of "luxury" tour requires participants to drive themselves? Sounds a bit dodgy to me. As the others have mentioned, this is something that could be a rather unpleasant holiday experience for you. Keep in mind that they drive on the left there, so if you're not used to that, it could be a problem. If you're involved in any kind of "traffic incident", you could be in a world of misery.

Have a look at this website (scroll down to the section on Kampala)....

Also, here's a video on the topic.......

Having an International Driver's Permit would be advisable. In the same situation, I'd just hire a Taxi or a local driver. "Being like the locals" there could be a miserable experience.

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Thank you all for your responses.I truly appreciate. The company proposed to give me a driver but I just wanted to have it my own way.I made the itinerary a little customized but after all the thoughts I have had from several people,I shall end up reconsidering it. The very big problem is with the motor cyclists.They don't have specific lanes.

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As someone who lived in Africa for about 1/4 of their life, I highly recommend that you rent a car with a driver. I doubt you will even be able to find the possibility of renting one without a driver.