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Where to Stay in Vancouver BC

So I goofed. I bought tickets for the Laver Cup (a tennis tournament) and then promptly forgot to book a hotel. Needless to say, hotel prices for the event which occurs on September 22-24 are through the roof. I’m looking for a safe area from which two women can travel to Rogers Arena at night. Public transit is preferred. I’m thinking of Richmond. Is there a better area to stay in?

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Richmond is at least 45 minutes or more by public transportation. Take a rideshare car or taxi. I personally wouldn't wander about late at night downtown Vancouver. Do you know any other peeps going? You can offer to share costs in a shared room. Sometimes hotels can bring in rollaways or fold out a sofa. That's what the "Swifties" did in Seattle. Groups of Moms & Daughters booked suites. Look at BnB listings...since you'll probably want to book that rideshare. You can also look at North and West Vancouver if you do that. Another thing you can try is to book one of the hotels at the Vancouver International Airport. The light rail goes from there to Waterfront Vancouver where the arena is located.

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I second a vote for Richmond. Taking the Sky train is easy, convenient and safe. Buses also connect to the stations. While you are in town that weekend checkout the Richmond Night Market, right next to the Bridgeport Station
Seniors (anyone over 60) are free and use use a special entrance. No need to stand in the long line. Just show security guard your ID. If you have any interest in International Street Food, this is a fascinating and tasty experience. This is as close as you will get to an Asian Night Market without going to Asia.

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Richmond, near a Canada Line station, would be convenient. And if you are okay walking some blocks (8 short ones; I walk it regularly), you can from Rogers Arena, up Georgia Street to the Granville Canada Line station and vice versa. That area is busy in the evening as is central Richmond with various stores open until 9 pm; I would not be uncomfortable walking that area in the evening. Be aware that if you opt for Richmond and using Canada Line, when going back to your hotel, choose the train for Brighouse, not YVR ( airport); mostly they alternate. The only hotel right at the airport is the Fairmont and it can be expensive.

Hotels are busy and expensive in part because of the Alaska cruise schedule.

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I thought of the YMCA for you, which would have been ideal, but they are booked on those dates.
There are a few chain hotels along Westminster Highway, (just a road, not a big highway), walking a couple of blocks West from Brighouse Skytrain Station in Richmond.
This would seem to be your best option.
As Claire says, it’s pretty safe at both ends of the train ride in the evening….going from Granville to Richmond Brighouse on the Canada Line.

Edit: I’ve just looked, and can’t find anything near Brighouse with lower prices there for your dates.

There’s a cheapish hotel in Richmond on : the Abercorn Inn…you could walk to it from the Bridgeport Station beside the casino…it would take you about 10-12 minutes.
It’s older, but looks ok.
Just looked again, and there is a Hampton Inn, a Days Inn, a Travelodge and. Sandman …also all in that same area.
Have a look on Google maps for hotels near the BridgePORT Skytrain station.
You might be in luck!
If I had room, I’d take you in, but I don’t!
I’ll keep thinking…..
As Claire said, it’s prime cruise ship season here right now.

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My usual preferred hotel for events at Rogers Arena is the Georgian Court Hotel - . It's very close to the venue so easy to walk. The hotel is a short walk from the main shopping area near Georgia & Granville, and walking in the daytime shouldn't be a problem.

I wasn't able to use the Georgian Court for the last event I attended at Rogers (Eagles concert) so I used my main preferred hotel, the Sutton Place - . It's in a nice area near the corner of Burrard & Robson, and one huge benefit for me is that there are some fantastic Italian restaurants on Robson St. within walking distance. On my last visit, the meal at Cin Cin was splendid!

There are also some nice boutique hotels in the same area. As you might have guessed, both of the hotels I suggested are going to be on the pricey side. However at this late date, it would be prudent to get something booked soon. I wouldn't suggest staying in Richmond as it's too far from the event. I can't remember what time the Skytrain shuts down at night, but using any public transit at that time of night could be dodgy.

On my last stay at the Sutton Place, I pre-arranged a taxi to get to Rogers Arena which worked well. However coming back was more effort and I ended up using a shared taxi. There was a steady stream of taxis waiting at the exit, but it took some time to get one that was available. There were also Limos waiting but I wasn't prepared to pay their prices, although that would have been a nice treat.

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Wow, thanks everyone! Really appreciate the suggestions. I’ll get going on this today. Ken, we’re in Italy right now so Italian food suggestions are particularly welcomed! And SJ, you are very kind. 😁

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Canada Line operates until 1 am I believe and is quite safe in the evening. I have taken it after symphony concerts downtown, at 10:45 pm and there are still lots of people on it. Skytrain is a different route/system here and it occasionally has some safety challenges.

I live one stop away from Richmond on the Canada Line route and getting from my house to the downtown station takes 20 minutes. If you are staying within a few blocks of a station in Richmond, it would be quite manageable. Hotels downtown are still quite expensive this month.

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I take the Skytrain home at night after events in town, and it’s quite safe.
I’m a 69 year old female, and have never felt unsafe.
I’d go for the Richmond places.