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Where to go to Europe departing from Miami

Countries are divided by frontiers and people by weather zones, I might say. I have found people who love to go where it is cold and other who can't seem to be able to leave their cities even though when they are the hottest ones in the world.
I have personally never traveled to Europe but I am planning to this coming year. I want to celebrate with my wife our wedding anniversary.
To start with, I would love to go on a cruise and set off Miami as I think it would get us in a great adventure mood for the long vacations (planning to spend around a month and half traveling), but I can't seem to have the least idea where to head to in Europe. Anyone can help me with some ideas?

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Your question is not clear.

Are you asking about cruises from Miami to Europe? I don't think there are any regularly scheduled ones; the only possible ones would be repositioning cruises between seasons. For instance, a ship that cruises the Caribbean in the winter, then the Mediterranean in the spring and summer, has to get between the two. Most of these do not see much of Europe, so you would use it to get across the Atlantic, then see Europe by land or sea from your arrival port.

To look up cruises, the best place is Vacations To Go's Custom Search:

Or, are you asking where you should go in Europe flying out of Miami? In that case, anywhere you want. Miami has nonstop service to some European cities, and with one plane change you can get anywhere.

Here's Wikipedia's page about the Miami Airport, with listings of flight destinations: Of course, you have to check with actual available flights. The easiest way to do this is on Kayak:

Or are you asking about a cruise within Europe? There are Mediterranean cruises, river cruises, Baltic cruises, and more. Again, that Vacations To Go search page will find them.

For more information about cruises, the "800 pound gorilla" of websites is Cruise Critic: On the upper right, select "Community," then "Forums" to get all kinds of information.

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Where you'll enjoy traveling depends on your interests. You're the only one who can determine that.

As a starting point, I suggest getting a few European guidebooks out of the library. That will give you a high-level overview of what various countries offer. Another possibility is to look at the itineraries of various package tours to see what interests you; a number of tours are described on this website. That can also help you decide where you want to go.

You might also think about how flexible and adaptable you are, and what your level of comfort is in traveling in non-English-speaking countries. For example, if order and predictability are really important to you, you might start out with a western or northern European country in which English is the first or a common second language.

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with all of the observations aside.

Many people have interests. It makes no difference where others go/do/see.

its up to you to know what you will like or not. If cruises float your boat go for it. As far as where to go, I'm sure you have SOME interests. If not, how about just pick a ship and see where it takes you.

you can also use airplanes to get you somewhere in Europe and then maybe do some ground pounding and mix a cruise into your trip.

good luck and happy trails.

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"where to head to in Europe." you ask. Well, if you have no ideas of your own, research repositioning cruises in the Spring from Fort Lauderdale. Holland America will certainly have one, stopping at ports in Europe before reaching the final destination, which could be Rome or Barcelona. Then do your travelling and fly back to Miami from your final city, which could be London or Paris or Amsterdam ... Your choice.

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Sorry that the question was a bit confused. My bad! I just got carried away with the idea of traveling to Europe. I would prefer not to go by Plane, it is the same old expereince3. I am planning a cruise. Going back to my old Expedia account, I found this Packages. I will be giving it a look this week to start planning. Probably starting Europe by Portugal or Spain.

Thanks folks for the help so far.

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Rick's TV shows online can give you a visual start to see what attracts you. You'll find more articles and suggested itineraries under Explore Europe and Trip Planning Strategies. After you've narrowed down your regions of interest, guidebooks can fill in many sightseeing, map, and hotel details. Once you find a cruise to get you to the continent, trains can take you nearly anywhere, but they're not necessarily cheaper than flying longer distances.

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And if you want to return to the US by ship, check out Cunard's transatlantic crossings from the UK to NYC.